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A Big Data Agency

True to our name, we apply a very Digital Philosophy to our approach whether your campaigns live online, on TV or anywhere else in the known world. We combine creative thinking with data-intensive decision making and expect to be held accountable to actual revenue growth for our clients. Most agencies shudder at the thought of that kind of accountability, we thrive on it! Our team is driven by taking the best care of our clients using cutting-edge technology, creative innovation and hard work to solve complex solutions that help our customer fuel growth by realizing their ultimate marketing efficiency.

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Meet the Mammoth

Our story is much like yours, it started with an idea and grew into much more. Our story started in 2007 as we helped businesses step into social media and community building online. As the landscape has changed, we have helped our clients through all phases of their digital and traditional media to help them grow their business.


Marketing requires a comprehensive strategy. Our team meets with you regularly to understand your challenges and your goals. We want to understand that special sauce that drove you to start your business and help distil what sets you apart from your competitors. We want to help capture that magic and spread your message to the world. To that end, we design and build conversion-focused campaigns that drive REAL revenue to you.

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